SVN - Cache Logs For Whole Repo

I am branching per feature so I am switching a lot in SVN.
This has the effect of the Repository tab in the Changes view regularly being empty.
Is it possible to make IDEA cache the logs for the whole repo then display a view filtered by branch in the Repository view?

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Currently there is no support for filtering by branch in Repository View. Possible options are the following:

  • You could checkout repository to another folder and use another IDEA project to view whole repository revision history there.
  • You could checkout necessary branches to separate folders and use separate IDEA projects to view corresponding revisions in Repository View.
  • Additionally there is Filter by "Structure" in Repository View. So you could configure neccesary folders (folder for whole repository, folders for separate branches) as VCS roots in "Version Control" project settings (with VCS = "Subversion"). This way Filter by "Structure" should allow you to filter revisions by corresponding folder.

    Also you could submit corresponding request to YouTrack.
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    The Filter by Structure now has my remote repo in there which I didn't see before.

    However, it only shows branches and trunk but doesn't show tags.

    On the branches dir it says "69 directories" (in grey) but only displays 3 of them.

    How do I make it expand to show all the sub-directories or even better, just add the branches I am interested in?


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