GUI cannot resolve symbol, if import packages do not mirror folder structure.


I have a structure of an imported project, where the folder structure does not mirror the package structure. However this is not a problem in java due to the way how javac works and finds the packages. It took me some time to disable the annonying error notice about most of the packages in the project structure being "wrong".

It is slightly annonying to have unnecessary red 'error' text when the graphical ui is unnable to resolve symbols in the IDE.

Other than that, test coverage works 100% fine and everything builds and runs the way it is supposed to.

Is there a workaround to this issue?

ps. the IDEA wants to remove the imports as unused due to the unresolvable symbol; but this would break the project, making the project unnable to compile.
The autocomplete works still fine regardless of this, so the issue is merely an quality of life issue.

-- screenshot attached bellow:

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Maybe this helps?

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