Turning off Auto code unfolding

I'm sure this was a total oversight in development, but how do you turn off the insane code unfolding?

For no reason at all, my nicely folded code, will unfold, without me asking it to.  I looked in the menu, but couldn't find a setting that was causing this, it has to be somewhere, this is an annoying enough bug, to make me want to go back to straight VIM.   I'm running 14.1.4.


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Yes, this happens quite a lot and makes working it unfeasable to collapse specific parts and continue to work in that file.

I think it is not intentionally, but a side effect of other actions.

A quick search in YouTrack yields:

IDEA-131718 Syntax errors make code foldings unfold
IDEA-80778 Folding - provide an option to NOT automatically unfold when user performs Find.
IDEA-123978 Code unfolds when adding a comment
IDEA-78128 Pasting blocks of XML into a folded document ruins folding
IDEA-121437 When navigating to a method with folded body, it's unfolded and folded back immediately
IDEA-120779 Editing XML file: do not unfold last folded item when not closed tag is inserted after it
IDEA-76730 Do not unfold folded block when it is moved with Tab
IDEA-84492 Multiline commenting (Ctrl + Shift + /) unfolds collapsed blocks of code
IDEA-68794 Do not unfold methods when moving them around

You could vote/comment on those issues.

My impression is that it is a conceptual problem and would have to be worked on in general.


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