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Postfix completion is a nice addition to IDEA. Today I was typing a couple of paragraphs in a html file which causes postfix completion to pop up and disappear quite frequently. Maybe the default timeout should be a little bit longer so that you get a smoother editing experience. It's not really a problem in (Java) code because there you're more involved building up your expressions. Usually this is a multiple step process that takes time. But as soon as you start typing natural text (assuming multiple finger typing speed), postfix completion distracts from what you're actually trying to achieve in the editor.

What do you guys think about this?

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There is no postfix completion for HTML :)

The completion items that you see are live templates (build-in or your custom live templates). Indeed it is a problem in HTML. As a workaround you can disable live templates in completion list:

1. open register (Ctrl+Shift+A/Cmd+Shift+A *twice* and type registry)
2. find and disable '' option


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