Chronon: Pattern for adding classes recursively? (and some suggestions)


tested Chronon the first time today and I must say I'm amazed!
There is only one thing that's a bit annoying. If you have a bigger project and want to debug multiple classes, it's a pain to add each class (or package) individually.
Is there a way to add a package recursively?

Some other problems/cosmetics:

  • Navigation to go through the time/code should be on the left side (like in debugging)
  • Option to save recording external
  • Recordings are lost after closing project (Setting to keep them?)
  • Option to jump to specifc event (if possible)
  • A "Go to method" option in "Method History"
  • Option to add a Logger greyed out (Also the pencil should be replaced with a +)
  • Inspecting the method history of a method which is called very often (+10000) times causes the ide to freeze for a second or two

I know it's still early in development, so just tell me if I should open a ticket on the bug tracker. :D


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