How to run Play2 project with subprojects

We have an issue here, running a Play2 appication with submodules in Intellij. Intellij tries to run the root project and finds no Main class. Somehow we can't make Intellij start the gui project (in sbt it would be gui/run).
What it boils down to is, how can we configure Intellij to start with ....xsbt.boot.Boot "project gui" run instead of ...xsbt.boot.Boot  run

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 14.43.35.png

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Well I found this weird workaround:

  1. Rename the subproject that you want to run to 'root'
  2. Refresh sbt project in Intellij
  3. Run Play 2 application in Intellij (right click on build.sbt and select 'Run', this will work now, but play won't find application.conf
  4. Rename the subproject to it's original name
  5. Refresh sbt project in Intellij
  6. Now you can run the Play 2 application in Intellij!

Did that twice now, seems to be reproducable. Must be some property hidden deep inside .idea

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IDEA 2017.2.5 reproduced this with one of my projects.


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