Is it possible to track time with Idea Community & Youtrack?


We are using IntelliJ Idea Community Edition [which is awesome] integrated with Jira [which is awesome too!] using Atlassian Connector.
However buggy, it allows us to track time spent over issues, which is fantastic and saves us a lot of hussle.
Unfortunately Atlassian decided to drop support for the connector, bummer.
Now we have to find a replacement for our working system and to be honest I would rather change bug tracker then IDE.
I was wondering if it's possible to use Jetbrain's youtrack connected with Idea CE to track time spent on issues?
I know I can do it using my Ultimate edition, but it seems CE lacks the time tracking functionality, but maybe you have a plugin for youtrack I was unable to find?
It's just a bit too much to spend for licenses just to enable this feature [all of our work is possible using CE].


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Hello Krystian,

Thank you for your feedback!
YouTrack and IDEA-like IDEs can be integrated as guided here: .
Following options are available:

  1. Using YouTrack issue as the work context with auto-created change list.
  2. Recognizing YouTrack issueID pattern and converting it into the direct link to the issue in the tracker.

Unfortunately, Time Tracking cannot be logged from both: Ultimate and CE versions.

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Thanks Andrey,

that's very unfortunate that other companie's issue trackers are better supported than your own :(


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Hey, you can track time and see how much time you spend on your projects using my new plugin

Hope you like it


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