Can't beleive that you release RC1 with the same severe Android bug that has been there for many builds now!!!!

If you actually test building an Android app, this will display itself very quick! The Android preview window display wrong text when adding more strings to the values/string xml file... It will display the last added string value instead of the corresponding value, it's really annoying... Can you please fix this BUG!??

This is in my layout file...:

<TextView android:id="@+id/label_wish_url"

        <TextView android:id="@+id/label_wish_url"

And this is my string values...:

<string name="test_of_test">Test av dette..</string>
    <string name="maybeitwork">Maybe it really works......</string>
    <string name="noitdoesnt">No, it doesnt....</string>
    <string name="siiigh">Sigh...</string>

And the preview displays as shown in the attachment....



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btw, to get the Preview to display correctly (and also the preview in the xml file itself), I have to close IDEA and start it again and then open the project. Now IDEA displays the correct string values (just closing the project and open it again doesn't fix it!)

This is not really my idea of "Developing with pleasure"......



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