Spring Validation Errors

I just migrated to Intellij 13 to develop with pleasure :).
I am running into spring validation issue on my project, which does not affect anything but would be nice to have my module "green".

I have on a Spring MVC project that includes multiple jars. I have Hibernate, Spring and Maven facets enabled for the module.

For some beans, I am seeing errors indicating:
  "Could not autowire. There is more than one bean of 'x' type".

The bean in question are defined in a jar. When I open up the class in jar, I see an error that states:
   "x is already defined in this compilation unit"

It lets me believe that some how Intellij is reading some configuration twice/getting this bean more than once. Can someone please help me get this straight?

For now, I have disabled the "Autowiring for Bean Class" inspector, which does not validate it anymore but would be nice to be able to use it.

Help is much appreciated.

Thank you,

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Do you get "There is more than one bean..." messages in tests only? That would be http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-88925

Other probable causes:
- something is wrong with your Maven POMs or importing them into IntelliJ IDEA failed/produced wrong results  please check all modules and their dependencies setup/library scopes
- please check your Spring facet setup and make sure all contexts are configured properly


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