Reduction in available Look and Feel themes

I noticed in the latest IDEA 13 EAP (133.162) that a number of Look and Feel themes -- including my beloved Alloy Glass theme -- were removed, reducing the number of options to 4 (at least on Windows). Am I correct in assuming this was intentional and is an effort to reduce UI development/support efforts moving forward?


I would join this topic. On my Fedora with Gnome 3 (GTK+ 3) all currently available (left) themes present much bigger fonts and spaces between elements in the tree (than for example "IDEA (4.5 default)" theme) which reduces number of elements which can be displayed on given screen height. See attachments.

Btw, I was also unable to use -Dshow.all.look.and.feels=true switch. Only 4 themes are still available after add a line in idea64.options.



I've noticed too that the font IDEA 13 uses on Linux at least is signififcanlty larger than previous versions. ref:


I did it in RC and it didn't work, but the same operation works in final. Nevertheless there is no "Idea (4.5 default)" theme (the most compact theme I have found) anymore on the list.

Is it possible to manually edit a font which is used in a tree view component in a given theme?


Absolutely, Prefs -> Appearance -> Override default fonts by


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