Problem with Play 2 Module in an empty project

I'm trying to create a simple project with two modules - a Play 2 Module and a Web Module.

When I go to add a new module to my empty project, and I choose "Play 2 Module for Scala", the module is created - but it completely ignores the Content root and Module file location, and instead creates the module directly in the empty project root, rather than as directed in a sub-directory. You can see what I'm talking about in the attached screencast.

Any suggestions?

ScreenCapture_9-11-2013 4.44.08
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Could someone please help me out here? Every time I create a second Play 2.0 module, it is created in the PARENT of the directory I point it at:

Module 1: D:\project\module1

Module 2 should be D:\project\module2

- but instead -

Module 2: D:\project


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