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IDEA 13 seems pre-occupied it the missing class imports, classes I've removed during refactoring. IDEA 13 keeps nagging insesantianly about the imports. This is where the focus switches to while trying to replace the iterator intention..? Seems I cannot stop IDEA from nagging about imports unlike eariler versions of IDEA which would nag once, but let me ignore and continue..?

Video (if it ever stops processing):

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Wow but IDEA 13 is naggy - the constant flashing up of possible intentions, missing imports and the like I'm finding really very distracting.
Is there a way to tune down the distracting intention popups? I cannot work like this. -- This are intentions showing up for lines I'm not editing,
code thats visible onscreen, but in different lines, methods, classes even I've not refactored as yet.

Can I get back the IDEA 12 style of these intentions? Is this the new intention notification setting? balloon not tool window balloon maybe? or have much longer delays?
Still want to see them, but only in the context of what line(s) I'm currently editing.

I fixed the missing import that was driving me to distraction on the replace intention above I was trying to refactor. But it had no effect on making the intention work.
The nagging popup itentions seem to be another issue entirely. Just so happens they try to steal your focus constantly while editing...

Also tried replacing a ternary statement with if..then via intention, but couldn't see it offered at all? Now maybe that was a plugin in IDEA 12. But worth noting I've not migrated my plugins to IDEA 13 EAP as yet. Early days on this EAP version for me, I've only got the bundeled set.


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