Line number in Fault reporting?

I'm getting a fault in the console window, and the editor highlights an area of code, but the highlight doesn't really match the error. I feel like this an error for the prior code that was replaced. Is there a way to get the class and line number printed with a fault?


[Fault] exception, information=TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert "" to Array.

The code it's complaining about:

 if (object is ISomeInterface) 

If I comment out the lines - it still highlights the code! I'm suspecting the code is not updating within IDEA, I've deleted all library binaries, log files, etc. I've done a rebuild. No change.

If I run it on Flash Builder from the same directory, I don't get this error. It goes past the code as it should.

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Sounds similar to your other thread in the forum and discussion with the support team. Unfortunately I still failed to reproduce. Screenshots might help me to understand what's wrong.


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