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I have an application which is a single module, maven based web application.  Which makes use of Struts 1.x, and Spring.  Previously in IDEA 12 to run this in Tomcat 5.5 you could right click on the module, select add Framework support and add support for a particular Application Server.  This would then allow you to select the Application Server tool window, where you could deploy the application etc.

In IDEA 13 (132.839 EAP) seemingly the only way I can deploy the application now is manually creating a run configuration by using the edit run configurations dialog.

I don't know if this is a change in workflow, or a feature which no longer works.   Does anyone know the answer?

Many thanks,

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Hello Jeff,

Thanks for reporting, please watch .

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Hello, Jeff,

in fact 'Application Server' item appeared in 'Add Framework Support' dialog because this item was added to the list of frameworks and technologies in
New Project Wizard. It doesn't make much sense here because you can do the same thing in 'Edit Run Configurations' dialog. Also 'application server'
is not a framework and it looks quite unlike other items in the framework list. So it was removed from the frameworks list intentionally.

Nikolay Chashnikov
Software Developer
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