Format of messages in "messages" pane.

Hello everyone.
I develop ANT tasks.  
One of these tasks prints a messages to a log, which , in turn, are  shown in message pane.
Some messages can contain full path to file with line position in this file. Processed by a task.
I saw that javac ANT task also prints messages which can bee seen in messages pane.
Using output of javac one can get to a source file by clicking on a message that points to an error.
I tried doing the same but I did not find an info about how to. Then I tried formating messages as follows
/user/someparts_of_path_to_file/ + ":" +  lineNumber + ": " + shortMessage;
using this format I could get to file position.

Unfortunalely that worked  only in MacOs. Executing the same task on Windows prints messages as well as on MacOs but messages with code position are not formated as links
and therefore clicking them gives no result.

My question is - are there any rules or reliable way to format messages that point to a source code which,in turn, allows a user get to the file at given position ?   

Additional info
In both cases Idea 14 is used (Community edition for Windows and MacOs)
I will provide more info should it be required.



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Can you provide a sample message from Windows?

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Yes I can, but at the evening. Right now I am  working with MacOs.  

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Here is a sample message of output for windows

C:\wrk\sq\clien\components\sq_core\src\ru\socialquantum\core\types\oldtypes\model\field\ file contains delayed item

I also tried to use another slash just in case as an experiment.
C:/wrk/sq/clien/components/sq_core/src/ru/socialquantum/core/types/oldtypes\model/field/ file contains delayed item
everitime i get the same negative result.

Is there any reliable way ?

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Can't reproduce. Make sure the file is in the Source root.

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the file is in a source root.
the same code - and same project is run on MacOs and Windows but works only on MacOs.

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Could you please prepare and provide a small sample project illustrating the problem and
the exact steps to reproduce (complete zipped source tree and project files)?

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Will send a sample project a bit later

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I created sample ant task then sample application. Described steps to reproduce and then, while performing these steps came to realize that it actually works.
It was a false alarm.
But it works not with all  [Toggle tree/text mode] and  [Show all messages] settings buttons combinations.

However some questions still remain.

The format I found is :
[full path to file]:[line number]: [some message]
(without [some message] part - in message like C:/somefolder/somefile.ext:15:    it does not work)

Judging by other ant tasks there also can be format like this
[full path to file]:([line number]:[char position]) [some message]
which also works.But I did not research so far.

Questions :
1. Are there any documents that describe exact message format ? If so -could you please send a link ?
2. Will this behavoir be supported in future?

Thank you.

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