Message: "SBT compilation for play framework 2.x disabled by default"

I have imported Play Framework 2.3.x project to Idea using the SBT importer tool. When I do Build => Make project, the project compiles, but it seems to be that the ebean enhancements are not being done. If I build the project using the activator, the classes enhanced.

In the event log I see the following Info message: "SBT compilation for play framework 2.x disabled by default"

What does this actually mean? Does this mean that Idea is not building the project as sbt project and not executing the plugins defined in plugins.sbt? If yes, what steps should I take to enable the compilation?

I'm running Idea 14.1.5 and Scala plugin 1.5.4

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Settings -> Langauges & Frameworks -> Play2 -> Compiler -> User Play 2 compiler for this project.

This setting can cause problems in incremental compilation in connection to command line compiler.

Usually you don't need as running Play2 project will compile on reload.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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What should I do if I want to keep "Use Play 2 compiler for this project" **disabled** permanently without IDE letting me know every time I load build again? How can I turn the notification off?


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