Cannot re-open existing projects with latest build 132.425... what to do?

This morning  IDEA opened with the start screen, and not as usual with my latest project.
I saw an update message for the latest build, accepted  and update to the latest build .425
But again, after a restart I had no chance to open any existing project.

When I tried creating a new project, I got the message:
createComponent() returns null for: class com.intelliJ.xdebugger.XDebuggerManager

I looked for a plugin named so, expecting an incompatibility, but couldn't find such.
I searched within the C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 132.325 path for something like xdebug, but couldn't find anything. Not even in older versions.
I downloaded the newest EAP package again, uninstalled the present one (but kept my official version 12), installed 13 build 132.425... and ran into the same problem.

My v12 still runs fine...

Now I'm out of ideas and hope somebody can help...
Or should I simply wait for the next build??

29-09-2013 11-01-26.jpg
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The exception is reported as fixed, see

Please try next EAP when ready.


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Thanks, after removing the Python plugin I could re-open my project.


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