what version control is good? I am having trouble with git IJ integration

Hi everyone,

Well I am having trouble with the Git support in 14.1 latest release Windows x64.

To start with , when I try to create a repository, VCS- import into version control->create GIT repository, well, nothing happens and by nothing I mean none of the files in the folder where I have created a repository change color. Now since I am new to Git, maybe this just means a repository was created but nothing has been added, so no color change on files of course.

So I went to add a directory in the projects view which seemed the logical pace to do that. So Projects View right click over folder to be added then git->commit_directory and all that happens is it presents a popup that says "nothing changed".

OK so maybe the files WERE brought under git on my first step, but if so, there is no visual indication that that's happened- i.e. no color change on the file name or other indicator to show they were under git.

OK so maybe if I change a file, git will notice it's out of sync and show some signs of life. S\o when I adda  comment to a file, the tab with that file anme does turn blue, yay! but when I go to look at the difference using git->compare_with...  the File Revision popup that appears in response says only "nothnig to show" .

That actually makes sense since I never recall having been asked for a commit message anywhere so if I were going to guess I would say the file has never been committed to git .

So, in short, no combination of ordered events involving add or commit ever results in anything like git acting like it knows it has a file under revision, is keeping revisions, or even knows my fiels exist, with the exception of the name of the file turning blue if I change the text. But then it just stays blue and never changes from there no matter what I do.

Sorry to say, because IJ totally rocks the house in every other wya, but git integration just feels broken out of the box. I am 90% giving up, so if anyone knowns of a VC that works IJ please let me know what yo're using and how you feel about it. I would prefer git,  but it looks like it ain't gonna happen, and I am nervous relying just on IJ (fine) versioning tool for long term sotrage of the project history.

Many thanks .

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Git is the best one for sure.
There is probably a problem that occurs in your setup, let's try to investigate and fix.

When you called "Create Git repository", which directory did you select as the Git repository root? The project directory or some other one?


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