IDEA 14.1.5 stuck Refreshing VCS history

Has something changed in 14.1.5 in regards to the modality of VCS refreshes?

I've had a long occurring problem with IDEA and our svn server in that at least once a day IDEA gets stuck refreshing changes. In previous versions of IDEA this wasn't a big issue and I could ignore it as a background task as other tasks continued to work around it.

But with 14.1.5 this stuck state seems to cripple the IDE. Tasks are now stacking up behind it, I cannot run make for example, or run a test. But also the editor and IDE seem to have become less functional. The code rendering not longer functions and I cannot access IDEA settings, esp the VCS settings. The setting panes remain blank?

The unending refresh issues seem to have been around since 2010?

The stuck Refreshing VCS jobs also cannot be stopped. (stop button doesn't function).

Theres no stacktrace in the idea log. Nothing to point to why or when VCS gets stuck - but I'm guessing its a timeout. Its a very large project (over 1.2gb) and a even more massive svn.

With both issues appearing in 14.1.5 this is a serious regression in the IDE behavior for me.


Just had to restart again after another stuck refresh, nothing much in the log, last vcs entry was:

    2015-09-29 15:18:45,914 [23040482]   INFO - ellij.concurrency.JobScheduler - 50 ms execution limit failed for: com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.committed.CommittedChangesCache$MyRefreshRunnable@4b658278; elapsed time was 2354ms

Seems to occur most often when workstation is busy, in this case I'm running a full mvn test suite from command line, but also often happens while debugging webapp via embedded tomcat inside IDEA.

I've pushed the VCS poll to only once per hour, max 250 revisions and set 60s timeouts on the svn connections, but this is still occuring..?


...and again. This time I'd changed the svn auth from All to TLS just-in-case it was trying both auth methods.

Happened some 30secs into another mvn test run in a background shell. Seems the IDEA VCS refresh cannot withstand any kind of delay/slow cycles?


Hi Richard,

please capture a CPU snapshot as described in and create a YouTrack issue with this snapshot attached. Thanks.


Tried to but couldn't start IDEA 14. Got:

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not find agent library yjpagent64 on the library path, with error: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I've managed to get a jstack thread dump instead. Though the IDE isn't locked up. Its just the background VCS task that is stuck (and cannot be stopped).

Theres already a dozen VCS stuck refreshing tickets. Is creating yet another one such a good idea?


Did this ever get resolved?  Seems to happen to me when my VPN has disconnected and the SVN commands time out.  I'm wondering if it is related to using embedded vs local subversion client.  I went to check, but clicking on items in the Settings window results in highlighting the item, but the settings aren't rendered.



Could you please attach idea.log (Help | Show Log in ...) after reproducing the issue to this ticket: ?



For me, it was an authentication issue, apparently, as it started working after I set up the authentication key.


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