EAP Versioning and Plugin Compatibility

The latest Cardea EAP has been marked as version 132.27. This is quite a jump from the previous release, 130.1619. This also causes a decent amount of plugin incompatibility (e.g. Python) since plugins seem to have indicated compatibility only up through version 131.*.
My questions are:
1) Where does the EAP version numbering come from? Is it Semantic Versioning (http://semver.org/)? If so, were there really two major API changes in between EAP releases?
2) Is there any way to increase the plugin compatibility between EAP releases (e.g. better aligning of core IDEA plugins with the EAP)? The last few EAP releases have been pretty brittle, and my IDE has been popping up tens of errors per hour. However, this EAP is also bringing some needed functionality and UI improvements over 12, so it's hard to go back just for the stability. This could be made MUCH easier if an Ultimate license would also work with any of the language-specific "sub"-products (e.g. PyCharm) rather than forcing you to use only IDEA with the often-non-working plugins. If somebody from JetBrains could chime in on this it would be great...

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I am in the same situation and have asked sales about a possibile solution as well. Python has been updated but Ruby hasn't yet though it usually takes longer. That doesn't include many of the other plugins. :) I have had issues with Database Support when enabled with Python and Ruby so that plugin has been disabled since 130.1486.


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