What is the GitHub Token auth in 13?

I just noticed the Version Control - GitHub preferences panel has a dropdown with "Password" and "Token".

I asked the Help but it didn't know, so I thought I'd ask here: what does Token auth do in that panel?

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This is menu for authentication with OAuth2 access token (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OAuth)

It can be generated and deleted via web-interface (GitHub -> Account settings -> Applications -> Personal API Access Tokens). Thus you can use GitHub plugin without need to enter your precious password.

P.S. Actually, there is posibility to grant limited access to your account with OAuth (like read-only for repos and write for gists), but without ability to create token with Implicit Grants from web-interface it, probably, have no sense. But you can add your vote for it in GitHub (ever growing)© Wish List™.

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I suspected, but I only saw "Authorized applications" which required a Main URL and a Callback URL so I thought maybe there was some trick. As it turns out, our GitHub:Enterprise is either lagging behind the GitHub.com version, or we have the "Personal API Access Token" setting turned off which is why I didn't see it.

Sorry for the noise, but hopefully your answer will be helpful for someone else, too.


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