NodeJS support broken in Cardea 1179 worked in 962

After using 130.962 with only a few minor issues and NOW being forced to upgrade to 1179 I can no longer work with a NodeJS project.
--> Is there some way to be able to keep using 962 until the Node problems are fixed? <--

I can't use IDEA 12 because it doesn't support NodeJS .10.2 which is the version I need to use.

I'm really screwed right now since yours WAS the only dev environment to support node .10.2 properly

* Cannot specify path to node.js
* Inspections don't work leaving the editor in a bad state
* Constant error notifications - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/javascript/JavaScriptReferenceContributor$JSModuleReference

I understand this is a beta but one would thing things would get better in newer releases. This is a downgrade. Its no longer usable

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Hi Rick,
Sorry for the late response. Seems something got broken during IDEA update. Please try to reinstall it if the problem still exists.



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