[GWT] Can't set breakpoint in a non-JSNI method of a JavaScriptObject subclass?

I've got a number of Java classes which extend GWT's JavaScriptObject. In them, I will often have static or final methods which are *not* JSNI. For example, I have this pattern in a few of my classes:

// In Foo.java...

public interface Foo {

  void doIt();


// In FooJSO.java...

public class FooJSO extends JavaScriptObject implements Foo {

  public static FooJSO create( Foo realFoo ) {

    FooJSO jso = JavaScriptObject.createObject().cast();

    ... // initialize the JSO based on the realFoo

    return jso;


  . . . // other methods in FooJSO


How come IntelliJ (I'm currently using 130.1365) won't let me set a breakpoint in that static method? It's not JSNI, it's regular Java.

Is this a bug that I should enter or is there some reason why this is "by design"?



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By "won't let me set a breakpoint" I mean that I click in the gutter and the red ball shows, but it's got an "x" through it, and the debugger does not stop there.


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