New user here...Syntax Highlighting is wrong for normal java

1. Fresh installation
2. Begin Project
3. Computer Crash

Upon reboot of the computer and starting of IntelliJ, all my project files code was intact. However, the IDE itself didn't remember most of its settings, such as at start I chose the Darcula theme and there were many XML and config errors associated with the IDE and said it would re-create those files.

After much fiddling to get the IDE set up again, I am noticing that although my project is set to use JDK 1.8.0_60 x64,( ) but some syntax highlighting is wrong...

I have


and I get the following error

Incompatible Types. Found: 'java.lang.String', required: 'byte, char, short, or int'

I'm pretty certain the availability to use Strings in switch statements came about in 1.7, so I don't know why the highlighting is complaining, according to this:

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