Where are my External Annotations going?

When I annotated Dagger or Guava I get an annotation.xml file in <source root>/dagger or <source root>/com/google/common/*.  However, when I annotate Netty (io.netty.bootstrap) no new files are created in my repo.  However, IntelliJ seems to know about the annotation so it is being saved somewhere.  Where is it being saved?  I presume that it is being saved somewhere not relative to my project which means it won't be checked into source control and therefore all of my coworkers will need to manually add the same annotation.

How can I find where the annotations are being saved?  How can I tell IntelliJ to put the annotation in the same place as my other annotation files?

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Project Structure > Project Settings > Libraries > Gradle: io.netty:netty-transport:4.0.31.Fial > Annotations

Somehow it got set to another project's source folder so the annotations were being added to and read from that folder.  I can remove it which results in a re-prompt when I try to add an annotation to that library again.


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