New location for the license server breaks IntelliJ Ultimate 14


We've been using a license server for some time, with many users connected to it. Because we needed to change the machine, we installed the license server on another machine, and changed the URL in every IDE.

Since then, we often see errors when the IDE is trying to connect to the server. At some point, the IDE quits, thinking that there are no available licenses.

In the client, I can see logs like this one:

2015-09-16 10:24:04,903 [184715325]   INFO - .ide.license.impl.ServerSource - Unable to contact license server: Cannot obtain ticket due to connectivity problem: Read timed out

But on the server side, there are no error logs.

When such a problem occurs, quitting and restarting the IDE works, therefore the communication can succeed between the IDE and the server.

Can anybody help?



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Hi Sébastien,

This sounds like a client-side problem and the reason can be indeed a connectivity problem. If this happens on a regular basis even after IDE restart, please submit an issue with detailed problem description.

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Hello Eugene,

The problem is usually solved with a restart, but it's still a problem in my opinion. We never had such connection problem before, and telling developers that they need to restart the IDE just because it can't get a license doesn't give a good image of the product.

I'll open a case with a stacktrace.

Thanks a lot for your help :)



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