SVN Compare With Branch Shows UnChanged Files As Diffs

I am tryng to compare a directory to the same one in a release branch to check if I am fully merged (the merge was done manually with copy/paste before I got here).
However, IDEA lists almost all the files as changed in the tree view. Then when I show the difference the diff viewer says that the files are identical.

I think that this is the issue in YouTrack

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

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Hello opticyclic, thank you for reporting, will check.

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I got a clue when comparing 2 checked out branches with KDiff3.

KDiff3 marks a certain file different but when I show the diff its says "Files A and B have equal text, but are not binary equal."

The size in this case is 278 bytes vs 277 bytes.

However, this isn't always the case. There are plenty of examples where the file size is the same.

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I've checked on my tests configuration.

I see that all files that had been changed, even if in current revision their contents does not differ from that on the branch, are shown in the list.
So in order to filter them, I would have to load all contents, but this could be time-consuming.

So I doubt it should be done... At least maybe we should do it in background, when already have shown the list...


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