Unable to configure JPA for Spring Data app


I'm running Intellij 14.1.4 and I have some JPA queries but I'm getting the "Can't resolve symbol <my entity name>" message on my Spring Data Repository.

Any ideas how I can solve the issue?

I've tried adding a spring facet and a JPA facet. In in my 'module settings', I have:

  • myModule
    • JPA
    • Spring

However, I'm not sure what to configure the 'JPA' with. I have no persistence.xml, so my list of descriptors are empty. I've tried switching the "Default JPA provider" at the bottom to various options (no provider & hibernate) but neither seem to work. Any ideas?

On the Spring side, I have a 'Spring Application Context' which lists the Java code level spring @Configuration files.

My app uses pure Spring Boot/Spring Data out of the box, with implicit reliance on Hibernate. So I have no XML files (no persistence, etc.)

Not sure what to try next?

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