(128.18) sample JavaFX project error


I want to develop JavaFX project and I download last EAP version for testing.
I created a JavaFX application and I run this without change anything.

When I run it say me :
page language not specified.

and this line seems to be wrong :
Parent root = FXMLLoader.load(getClass().getResource("sample.fxml"));

I'm new in JavaFX world and it difficult to understanding issue.

Can you arrive to develop JavaFX with intellij IDEA ?
I already download scene builder and configure in properties IDE.

Thank for your help

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what is your jdk version? (It should be 1.7 or higher)
This error message points that sampl.fxml doesn't define template languages used in it. Though sample.fxml should not contain any other lang rather than java

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Hello Anna,

I'm new in JavaFX world and I don't know all details from develop that.
Finally I download unfortanely Netbeans for understand how construct basic template of JavaFX project.

I saw that fxml files was be accompanied by java class as role of controller.
In fxml file, a attribut contain a reference on this controller.

I don't understand where is exactly issue from Intellij but I reproduced the same architecture in Netbeans and Intellij run perfectly.

I think Intellij don't have full intregated JavaFX details for template JavaFX project but at this moment when you develop fxml and controller All run.

Promise I uninstall netbeans after lol :^O

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Develop a Controller independant JavaFX to other side of fxml file.


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