CVS change not sticking

Hey all:

I helped a co-worker (who doens't know Intellij at all, or less than me anyway) set up our web applicatino in Intellij 12. When I first checked the application out of cvs I used my cvs credentails, which I shouldn't have done.
So, to rectify things I started over and checked out the application using my co-workers cvs credentails. The problem is now Intellij will not "forget" my cvs repository and keeps asking for my cvs password.

We checked the application directories and the ROOT file that Intellij creates in the CVS directory does have her CVS user name, host and path information.
Furhter, we have removed my cvs entry from the Configure CVS roots dialog. But, for some reason Intellij keeps asking for my password and not hers.

Any thoughts on how to remedy this?


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It turns out this is a known bug.
So, far it seems my only option is to remove and re-install Intellij.

Temporary Fix (that worked for me)

Removing the cvs root from config/other.xml fixes this issue for the time being. If you add a pserver connection method that you wish to remove; it has to be remvoed from ./cvspass as well otherwise IntelliJ loads this back up in the IDE and in the <Configuration> element in other.xml.

I should have posted this thread in the "Users" group and not EAP Users. I do not currently use the EAP version of IntellJ and this bug is on 12.0.3 build 123.155


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