Are There Options For Diff/Patch?

I am getting a merge conflict in SVN merging from trunk to a release branch.
Just for fun I recreated it in git to see if it could handle it better but it still had the same conflict.
I also tried creating a patch from IDEA and applying that but it failed too.
The strange thing was that the diffs in the file looked fairly isolated.

Finally I did some investigation with the command line diff patch and was able to get a successful merge without conflict by changing the amount of context and fuzz.

diff --context=5
patch -F 5

Is it possible to configure these options in IDEA when creating and applying patches?

On a related note - are there any equivalent options in svn merge to help the process succeed without conflict?
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I'm afraid there is no such an option at the moment and, checking the codebase, I see that IJ uses it's own diff/patch sub-routines, so, it makes sense to create a feature request at the tracker with sample files (before and after), IJ diff, CLI diff and describe what options should be exposed to IJ users.



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