Don't Keep Flashing The Task Bar Icon!

In previous versions, when I hit a break point in my web application the task bar icon would flash to notify me.
Now, the icon is flashing all the time - I think perhaps to indicate resources have updated.
I don't think that this is necessary and actually is detrimental.
Normally an icon flashes when you need to attend to the application (e.g. if you have hit a breakpoint and need to step through the code!).
Flashing the icon to say that resources have been deployed is distracting and meaningless.
Each time it flashes I switch back to IDEA thinking I have hit a breakpoint or that there is something to attend to but it is nothing!

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What you mean about " flashing all the time"?
Maybe show screencast.
Please send IDEA version, build number.

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"All the time" is an exageration.
See attached for a screenshot of it flashing.

In my Jetty run config I have update resources on frame deactivation.

This happened whilst writing the post too.
I started jetty from the debug run config then went back to the post whilst it was starting.

Sure enough it flashed in the same way as the attached file.

I went back to look at IDEA but there was no breakpoint hit.
I came back to this post and it flashed again!

The icon should only flash if it needs attention.
The fact that it might have successfully updated resources does not warrant attention in this way.

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I beleive that is a Windows feature, not an IDEA feature. See I'm not sure what change condition needs to be triggered for Windows to think the program has changed. That might be under IDEA's control. Or it may be in the JRE.

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I can reproduce this in Intellij IDEA12.0, build #IU-123.72. If I have my Glassfish configuration set to update resources on frame deactivation, then my taskbar icon flashes whenever Glassfish is deployed and IntelliJ IDEA does not have focus, even if I did not change any files when it last had focus.
This is frustrating to me because I auto-hide my taskbar and regularly use the bottom of my screen for Firebug.

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This looks similar to, will be tracked there.


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Yes, that does sound the same. Thank you.


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