Clicked 'Decline & Restart' Regarding Decompiler Terms - Need to Reverse


I'm using the Community Version of IntelliJ IDEA (14.1.4) and double-clicked on a file to open it while within IntelliJ.  It presented a dialog box which asked me to agree to terms & conditions regarding the decompiler.  I accidentally chose 'Decline and Restart', and now all the projects I pull up are in decompiled form and I am unable to compile them (using the 'Run' option).  Basically IntelliJ has now been rendered useless and there is no way I can find to allow me to compile again. Short of creating another user on my computer, I can't figure out how to make it work (as I can not discover the hidden files for IntelliJ which have the preferences saved -- reinstalling has provided no relief).  Please help. Thanks.

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Found the answer, 4+ years too late.. in case someone else runs into this.

Launch IntelliJ then go to:
FIle > Settings > search for "decompile"
It should pull up the "Java Bytecode Decompiler" Plugin and you should have the option to enable it.
Enable it.
Restart application.


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