Git pull/fetch hangs indefinitely

I'm having some problems with my project which has both Git and SVN modules. SVN works fine. But when I do a project update, it hangs on the Git update (this works fine with IDEA 11).. the console just says "09:29:10.428: git fetch origin" and the "Pulling changes from origin" process never goes anywhwere.

I have verified that actually doing this on the command line has no issues, so I am not sure what the problem is.  Anyone else have a similar problem?



Hello Eric,

Do you use HTTPS or SSH to connect to the remote?


On the command line git is connecting to the remote over https (which I believe is how Github for Windows sets up by default):

= [up to date]      master     -> origin/master

It's also possible I have old ssh keys that I used to use to connect to github but I dont think those are being used anymore. I'm not sure how to check the method that IDEA is trying to use.

Could you please share your .git/config file and idea.log as well (Help -> Reveal Log)? Thanks.


Thanks for your interest in helping to solve my problem.

I actually just solved it myself. Because of the ever-changing state of the art of Windows Git distributions, I had remnants of several previous installations of Git. (TortoiseGit, mSysGit)

I now use Github for Windows, but G4W only adds the path entries to be able to find Git to the shell when you click on "Git Shell", it did not add the path entries to my system path.

Intellij was finding git.exe but it was not finding G4W's git.exe, instead it it found an old version of Git.exe.    Once I cleaned out my old installations of Git, and added all the path entries that G4W adds to its Git Shell path to my system path, IDEA is now able to execute the new git.exe successfully.

I hope Git continues to become generally easier to use on Windows... (not IDEA's fault)



Well github has failed me again after a Github For Windows auto-update. I don't really think this is an IDEA problem but I am going to ask a different question in the main IDEA forum about how people integrate with Git on Windows. I am not sure that teh git.exe provided with Github for Windows is really working well with Intellij because of how it launches its shell.


You may try installing the official msysgit release from and try it instead of the version bundled with Github.
Btw, Github client uses their own implementation of Git (libgit2), so it may cause problems.


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