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I'm trying to use gson in a project but haven't tried adding/using libraries before beyond the very basics. I followed these instructions and added the .jar files to the Library and its showing up under Dependencies. But when I try to use it with this code

Gson gson = new Gson();
MyType myobject = gson.fromJson(jsonSource, MyType.class)

IntelliJ isn't recognising it. Do I still need to use an import statement and if so, what exactly?

Edit: Intellij just prompted me to import the appropriate file, which is(import if it helps anyone here.


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Intellij finally prompted me to include an import statement with the appropriate file

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For anyone in the future still looking for an answer to this question, to add a dependency to an Intellij project, such as Google's Gson, go to File -> Project Structure -> Modules. Making sure you've selected the module you're working on, on the far right you should see a '+'. Since Gson has a Maven repository, go to Library -> From Maven... and then search for the dependency into the search bar. It might take a minute for it to find results, but then it will give you a list of all the different versions of Gson. Click OK to add the dependency, and then you should be good to go! If you have the dependency downloaded as a zip or a jar, select "JARs or directories" after clicking the plus and select the file on your computer.


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