Auto-complete block and javadoc comments?

Hi all,

First time posting here.  I've recently transitioned into Idea from Eclipse and have so far found the switch going fairly smooth and pleasant.  I do have one question that's been nagging me for a while now, and several hours of googling and reading these forums haven't yet yielded a solution, so I thought I'd ask.

One behavior I'm missing from Eclipse was the completion/auto-close of block comments and javadocs.  In Eclipse, after I enter either '/' or '/*' and press enter, the editor would generate a fully formed comment block for me, placing the cursor on the first comment line where I could simply begin entering my content.

The current behavior I'm seeing in Idea is, after the above sequence, the cursor is placed on a new line, requiring me to manually close the block.

While this certainly isn't a dealbreaker for me, it's definitely a change that has been pretty difficult to get accustomed to after a number of years of daily Eclipse use.  It's tough to break muscle memory of entering the block prefix, hitting enter and going straight into my comment content and moving on with my code.

I'm curious if anyone else here has encountered this and been successful in replicating Eclipse's handling of comment creation?  I'm hoping there's just a setting somewhere that I've been missing, but so far I'm coming up dry.

Any help is most appreciated.

Thanks much

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