XSLTProcessor output cut by half

Hi, everyone

I have a unsolvable problem (of course, from my point of view).

I always get .transformToFragment output reduced in half in comparison to the input size.

E.g. I have 200 entries as the response of webservice in XML file, which is been transformed into table with a header. And these 200 entries result in a table that has always 100 + 1(header) rows.
I have tried to slice input XML file into two with 100 input entries and got 50+1 rows.
It's a client side transformation. I use JavaScript, Jquery, Chrome for debug and there is no difference if I debbug or just run code.

Here is an example of input xml http://dokuwiki.samo.ru/doku.php?id=onlinest:api:searchtour:prices. XSL file attached

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