SSH connection fails with error:


I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.4 Buid #IU-141.1532, running on a Debian 8 (LMDE 2) platform.
When trying to set up a remote PHP interpreter using Settings > Languages and Frameworks > PHP > Interpreters, I always get the following error, although all connections are verified to work:

Session.connect: Prime size must be multiple of 64, and can only range from 512 to 1024 (inclusive)

The same applies when trying to establish a new SFTP remote host connection, pretty much anything involving a remote ssh connection seems affected.

I've read the following thread that seems to acknowledge the problem in PHPStorm/WebStorm:

The recommended solution is to use the EAP version of PHPStorm, what's the situation regarding IntelliJ IDEA?

What is surprising is that "old" configurations, that were created on my previous Debian 7 (LMDE 1) platform, are perfectly functionnal. Could anyone shed some light on the underlying reasons of the problem, as my understanding of the origins of this situation is pretty blurred ?

Not to say a working solution, or even a temporary workaround, would be more than welcome.


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Just an update here as I just installed the latest IntelliJ IDEA EAP (idea-IU-142.4465.2) an jumped straight to the Remote Host to try an SSH connection.
This unfortunately did NOT work. This is beginning to become a concern as I wonder how will I be able to work if I can't initiate any ssh connection from the IDEA interface ?

As it seems not many ones are experiencing the same problem yet, could someone tell me whether it would be appropriate to fill a bug report at JetBrains ?
And if this is the case where should I report it ?

Thanks for any input someone could give me on this.

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Well, this will be a final update to this thread, as I have found a solution to this problem.

There already was an entry in IntelliJ IDEA's bug tracker refering the situatiuon:

I was surprised that the explanation given out there invokes a key length problem, since I was able to use the exact same rsa keys to SSH with the same versions of IDEA and JDK7 under LMDE 1 (Debian 7), while it didn't work under LMDE 2 (Debian 8). It's still a bit unclear from my level of understanding what exactly causes the problem, but anyway it all sums up to one simple recommandation: UPGRADE TO ORACLE JDK8 !

The nice team at webupd8 has made an installer that automatically downloads and installs Oracle JDK8 on Debian and Ubuntu, click a link to read about the installation process.

Hope this might help someone else who might encounter a similar problem.



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