Can We SVN Checkout Through A Proxy?

I can't seem to svn checkout with IDEA through a corporate proxy.
The automatic proxy detection works for things like plugins and updating IDEA so I was hoping that it would work with svn too.

I can't check out through the proxy from the command line either.
Does IDEAs svn check out use a different set of proxy details to those specified in Settings-HTTP Proxy? Perhaps the same ones that the command line uses?

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Hello, please check Settings | VCS | Subversion | Use IDEA general proxy settings as defaul for Subversion (will use Settings | Plugins | HHTP Proxy value)

or you can set up proxy in servers Subversion configuration file (Settings | VCS | Subversion | Edit Network Options...)

I assume that first variant is desireable

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I guess it isn't ticked by default because most people will be using a direct connection to internal servers if they are in a location that uses a proxy.
However, it still doesn't connect.
Could it be that I am connecting via https?

I have also noticed that I can't checkout from GitHub either and this doesn't have an proxy options like the subversion settings page.

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I use proxy all the time, https and http.

I would recommend to manually check svn config file in C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\Subversion\server, whether you do not have there a line :

http-proxy-host =

if it is without value, it may not work for you.


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