Descriptor for Adobe AIR Mobile App Gets Deleted by IntelliJ when Compiling!?

Hello. I am using IntelliJ IDEA for a flash mobile application built on starling. Everything was just fine, but then I pulled the latest code on a different computer. I had done this before, and everything worked fine, but now every time I make the project the descriptor xml disappears! what the hell?? I begin by ensuring the xml file is in the correct spot and looks fine. Then I hit "Make", "Debug", or "run'. I can see the xml file disappearing in the project window! Then Intellij spits out this error:

Error:[HeadExploderIntelliJ]: AIR descriptor file not found:

I keep reverting back to when the xml file was not deleted, but it doesn't help. I also tried to hit the "Create" button and generate an xml, but intellij delete that too. god, this is awful! Does anyone know what the heck is happening and how I can get my starling project to compile again?


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Usually AIR descriptor is generated on Make based on your AIR descriptor template. You shouldn't edit AIR descriptor in the output folder directly. You shouldn't keep your AIR descriptor template in the output folder, keep it in the project, usually just in the project root. Output folder is shown in Project Structure | Modules | [your Flash module] | [your Flash build configuration subnode] | General tab. Path to the AIR descriptor template is also there on the AIR package (or iOS or Android) tab.
If still no idea please paste real path from the error message and attach screenshots of General tab and tab with descriptor settings. Instead of screenshots you can attach .idea and all *.iml files zipped.

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Hi. Thanks. I am aware of those things but still no idea.

Error:[HeadExploderIntelliJ]: AIR descriptor file not found: /Users/bobolicious3000/Checkouts/HeadExplode101/traditionalflash101/HeadExploder/HeadExploderIntelliJ/HeadExploder-app.xml

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.07.49 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.08.05 AM.png

zipped .idea folder:

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Problems node in the Project Structure dialog on your screenshot shows that there's one problem. What is it?

Your screenshot says that you use cusom AIR app descriptor for Android, but the HeadExploder.iml file that you attached says that you use a generated one. Prbably iml is taken at another moment with different project setup.
Do you deploy for both Android and iOS? Make sure to disable tab that you do not use.

Anyway so far I have no idea why the file becomes deleted on Make. May be logs will help (Help | Show Log).

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thanks, but why was the .iml file saying that, and how would I know how to change the iml file?

I was able to finally get it working by taking the descriptor xml file and putting it in the lib folder (In the main project HeadExploderIntelliJ folder), and then also changing the module's submodule's adroid page custom temlpate box to also point to the lib folder. Then the output folder was /out/production and it stopped deleting the xml. Also it copmiled and ran which is always a good thing.

I think another problem is that I'm just checking 'commit all' when I commit to svn, and I'm using 2 different computers every day- one windows and one mac. Is there a best practices for how to this, like always have it ignore the .idea folder and things like that?

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Iml file is updates automatically based on the project structure configured in the IDE UI. Might be some mistiming. Still no idea who was deleting the file, but that's good that finally it works.

Project files are designed to be stored in Version Control System, iml and all .idea contents except .idea/workspace.xml, so feel free to commit them. Absolute paths are not stored there, and in some cases when they are - it is possible to solve such cases using Setttings | Path Variables.


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