Git integration question

OK Now I am xconfused about Git integration :).

The instructions for using Git qith 14.1 are here:

They don't correspond with any GUI I see in 14.1.

From those instructios:

  1. Open the Changes tool window by pressing Alt+9 or                 choosing View | Tool Windows | Changes.
  2. Select the files or folders you want to commit.
  3. Open the Commit Changes dialog box by doing one of the following:                 
    • On the Changes tool window toolbar, click the Commit Changes button                                    Icon.
    • On the main menu, choose VCS | Commit Changes.
    • On the main menu, choose VCS | Git | Commit File.
    • Press Ctrl+K.
  4. In the Changed Files area, view the files changed since the last commit.                 Select the check boxes next to the files you want to commit now.
  5. In the Summary area, view statistics on changes made since the last commit.

I am guessing the Changes tool window has had its name changed to "Version Control" since that's what's mapped to ALT-9 and anyway there is no Changes submenu and also the link in step 1 which takes you to the Changes page is dead.

There is no Changed Files "area" which I suppose is a panel in some dialog. What I do see is a tab named Local Changes in a window named Version Control. Unfortunately it shows me every file under Git, names all colored navy blue. This might indicate that thwey've been changed, but in fact, they haven't been changed. I can confirm this by selecting a file and pressing CTRL-D Show Diff. the Diff reports no changes. The Diff tool is the one native to Git and INtellij, not a thrid party tool BTW

So my operational issue and the reason I am posting this is because I have no way to see, from amongst the files under Git, which have changed and which haven't and worse, it commits all files every time.

Either I am doing something wrong, misunderstanding something basic or this aspect of Intellij Git integration is problematic .

Surely other devs use Git integration and have no issues with it so maybe someone can give me a pointer?

Many thanks.

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1. You correctly found out that you should use Version Control | Local Changes. We will update the help pages.

> it shows me every file under Git, names all colored navy blue.

Please check what does `git status` return in the command line (or Git Bash). Most probably you have incorrect CRLF setting. If you're on Windows, you should set it to true. Check this thread for details:


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