Feature request: save clipboard

Scenario: Cut code in one class. Switch to other class to paste. Power outage.

Since IntelliJ IDEA already saved, we have data loss. I don't know if there is some kind of short term history that allows a rollback in such a situation. In any case:

It would just be very convenient to be able to continue work just where we left off, incl. the clipboard history. So, the moment IntelliJ saves a class, the clipboard should also be saved (before the class!).

For this, IntelliJ should denote internally which clipboard content was created from within the IDE so that upon saving, only those entries are saved, so that no confidential information is saved.

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I just noticed that me reloading this page is counted as a "view" even though I made this post and am logged in. I think that should be changed. Also, maybe: If others view it, they should only be counted once per account.

I would have posted this comment in a forum about the website or the forum or just general stuff, but there seems to be no such place, so that's another suggestion I want to make.


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