Is it possible to turn off selectively error highlighting?

I have something like the following in a .groovy file:


function trampoline() {

 local interpreter="$1"

  umask 077
  tmpdir="$(mktemp -d -t $$.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)"
  tmpfile="${tmpdir}/$(basename $0)"

  sed -e '1,/^!#$/d' "$0" >"${tmpfile}" && "${interpreter}" "${tmpfile}" "${@:1}"

  rm -rf "${tmpdir}"

  exit ${status}

trampoline "${GROOVY_HOME}/bin/groovy" "$@"


println 'aoeu'

Everything past the `!#` should be treated as if it were Groovy but everything prior to that should be treated as if it were shell WRT syntax highlighting. Is there a way to get this to happen or at least tell IntelliJ not to highlight the stuff prior to the `!#`? Not just the highlighting, either, formatting should be bimodal as well.
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It's not supported at the moment, slightly related request: .


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