pom.xml editing performance improvement suggestions


I noticed that when you edit maven pom.xml file IDEA is constantly doing updates to dependencies.
This process takes a lot of resources and slows IDEA down noticeably.

There are suggestions you may like to consider:

  • Allow user to set preference which will trigger parsing dependencies in pom only after file is saved. This will do the dependency stuff only once if I am adding more than one dependency.
  • When I edit file and removed just commented part of the xml there is no need to do anything. Currently if you remove commened part of pom.xml IDEA is still doing dependency check. I guess it would be minimal overhead to check the removed portion before starting whole dependency check.

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has been bothering me too.. only way to get rid of is disabling maven 'Auto import'.

better would be to disable these checks as long as no element/attribute is edited which actually would/could cause an update event.


Yeah or just introduce a cool-down timer. After each pom edit wait for ~ 5 - 10s until invoking the auto update. If in this time period another edit happens reset the timer. To be safe from user complaints display the cool down visually.


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