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I'm working on a large maven project with a lot of modules. I'm trying to import just several of them and when importing, I'm selecting the root folder, specifying the "search for projects recursively" option.

The problem is that on the step "Select maven projects to import", I see only several of them displayed. If I choose Finish, all modules are imported succesfully (even not visible in the previos step).
I'm using 14.1 version, and I do remember that with an older IDEA version all modules were displayed before finishing the wizard. However in the meantime something with my project may be changed as well (e.g the problem may be connected with my project).

Does anyone have a clue what may be wrong?


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There are only maven root projects listed on this project wizard page.
You can choose pom files to import or ignore on the following configuration page: File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | Maven | Ignored Files
Or using Maven tool window.


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