running without running make first

First 12 is AWESOME. For anyone who hasn't tried it yet it's faster, with a cleaner  UI (and this where the UI was already the cleanest of any complex program I use ) and enormously improved functionality.

question- I am continually crfeating and running little "test" or "experiment" programs  which amount to self contained proofs of this or that. These exist in a project the files of which go in and out of being buildable at any given time.

What I want is to be able to  write, CIOMPILE and RUN my little experiments directly without having to do what I have to do below which is:

COMPILE my "littleExperimentljava" ..  this is OK

RUN "littleExperimentljava" only to have MAKE fail


select "littleExperimentljava" from the drop down menu (of classes which possess the entry method "int main(string[] args)" )

unslect the MAKE checkbox at the bottom of the EDIT CONFIGURATIONS dialog assoc'ed with "littleExperimentljava"

RUN "littleExperimentljava" again.

I don't see anyway to opt out of running  MAKE for a program before I try to run it at least once.

What I want is an option to have MAKE unchecked by default in the EDIT CONFIGURATIONS dialog.

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Found the config dialiog

run->edit configurations -default-->application-->before launch -->select MAKE --> push yellow minus box --> save

Not avaialble under any of the dialogs found in the settings dialog

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Following up on this, is there any openapi call to configure the default run configurations so that they won't contain 'Make' as the hardcoded "before launch" action?


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