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The annotate feature is very useful to track the changes by line of code. however given the git behavior with commit and author timestamp after merge, not sure whether annotate displays the right info. here is a test case. Developer X modified line#10 and checked in the code in file F1 on Aug 6th into feature branch B1 with commit id "c1". on Aug 15th, the code was merged from feature branch into master with commit id "c2". When i checkout the master branch in intellij and run annotate on a file F1, i would expect it to show that against line#10, the commit "c2" and timestamp of Aug 15th since this reflects the time when the change was introduced in master branch. however it shows "c1" and Aug 6th.

Interested to hear what you think.

Appreciate any thoughts and insights.


Intellij community edition 14.1
platform windows

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Git annotate shows who, where and when has changed these lines of code, and not who, where and when has merged the change to the current branch. Personally, I support this behavior, and AFAIK it is not configurable. But you can ask the Git mailing list and they'll either give you some advice, or provide better argumentation on why it is implemented this way.


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