CLion community version?

I wonder why there's no free version of CLion?

I don't use C/C++ most of the time. But I still want a great IDE like CLion. Especially if you don't work on C/C++ environment, having an IDE can be really helpful.

I currently have an IntelliJ license, but the C/C++ plugin is nothing like CLion. It would be awesome if JetBrain provide a plugin and make IntelliJ IDE works like CLion. If not, a free version of CLion would be nice.


Hi Xi.

We have such plans and we are going to provide CLion functionality as a plugin to IntelliJ IDEA in the future, but not in the nearest future.
There are some difficult points for the integration CLion as a plugin to IntelliJ IDEA and we need to fully analyse what we can do to solve them.
We appreciate your patience!

By the way, we provide free CLion licenses for students, classrooms and open source projects. Also for startups there is a 50% discount.
Please find out more information on our website.

5 years later and still no free version or plugin?
at least it's good to know a plugin is actually planned, but still, give us something to hold us over. :)

I don't exactly qualify for the FOSS license, as while my project is active, everything's currently offline, and I don't currently provide regular releases...
add to that GitLab kinda screwed me over with an analytics move they backpedaled on, so I don't even trust them enough anymore to use them for anything more than an issue tracker, and even that's being generous...

but anyways yeah, I was really looking forward to upgrading to CLion from IDEA since I dropped Minecraft and no longer work in Java...
guess that hype goes back in the box for a few more years >_> *sigh*
not sure how much longer I can hold out before I really need to start working in C.
(no I can't use Visual Studio because I run Linux)


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