svn login forgotten in Leda?

The svn login dialog comes up when reopening a project, even when Idea stays running.


* open project
* do svn
* login
* close project
* open same project
* --> login dialog comes up again.

This didn't happen before... if Idea remains running, shouldn't it keep the login valid?  In fact, I'd like it to keep the login info indefinitely.



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Hello larry,

just to be sure, please check that you have selected "save credentials" checkbox;
also please check Events log for whether you have warnings about Subverszion credentials storage.
Subversion properties might forbid credentials saving, or it could have been a problem with rights to write into Subversion configuration directory...

There also could be exceptions in idea.log

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I check the checkbox (it should remember its check but does not).  Previous versions did not have this problem.

The Events log currently has 16 bugs from Leda, but none from svn sources. I've submitted many reports by clicking the "Report to Jetbrains" button. See them under user "larham".

Again, this feature works in the production Idea, with the same SVN, so I do believe it is a bug in Leda.


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By the way, is this the right place to look for idea.log on osx?

$ find /Library/Caches/ -name "idea.log"

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The log is in ~/Library/Logs/IntelliJIdea12/idea.log


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