Need I wait buy an IntelliJ 12 license?


I'm looking at buying an intellij license for myself, but I don't really have the money to buy a license for Intellij 11.1 now and IntelliJ 12 later. Is there a point towards the end of the EAP where buying a license for 11.1 will allow for an upgrade to 12? The stuff I'm doing are just personal projects, so if not, I will be able to wait until the end of the year or whenever 12 is released.

I understand that the EAP builds do not require a license, but this is slightly different.For example, I'd like to work on a Python project, but as per Dmitry's post here ( certain features will not be availble immediately.

Perhaps there is a precedent from earlier EAPs which would indicate if this is possible, but I was unable to find any documentation relating to this.


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Normally there is a time period before the next version comes out where buying a license will give you a free upgrade to the next version. Usually about 4 weeks or so.

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Alrighty, thanks for the tip.


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